Puerto Rico

Tropical winds of passion descend upon me
Caressing my skin as I gander up at the sky
In this place any soul can remain always free
Blissful as the Heavens that soar above high

The warmth of the wind, my eternal friend
Showers the ladies with Heaven’s own grace
A place of exaltation that will never do end
That this stands as being Heaven’s own place

Eternally flawless, all the sand here is gold
The ocean pure made simply of champagne
Many stories of Pirates for Centuries told
In the land of riches and sweet sugar cane

The waves crash at morn, creating this mist
Swirling the shore; true Caribbean affection
Nature itself and all man within here coexist
Spawning true beauty; Caribbean perfection

You now know the truth, in every which way
My haven & home; this is Heaven’s own peer
Perfection from this place will never do sway
Throughout all of eternity this place I’ll revere

© By: Z.M.