Love’s Sweet Fantasy – [Part III]

Warning – Adult Content

Its raining really hard when we both arrive at the park
In this delightful place each of our dreams will embark
A time of sensual perfection shall be witnessed this day
Since the true meaning of passion we shall fully display

A delicate look comes from within both your sexy eyes
I slowly nibble over your neck while I hold your thighs
Nibbling gradually up to the spot that you dearly adore
I then hit your sweet spot making all your cravings soar

After your jaw drops fully open, you then bite your lip
Then with one hand on your neck, and one on your hip
I listen quite intently as you slowly gasp deeply for air
As you smile in much pleasure whispering its not fair

Drenched so completely in water gives us satisfaction
Then you running in the rain with you joyous reaction
Makes much pleasure exude from within all that is you
Spawning this memorable moment shared by us two

I quickly catch up to you and then give you a big hug
We fall both on the ground going into a teaseful snug
You rapidly get right on top and playfully straddle me
Then each of my wildest desires then you set all free

After nuzzling your nose and licking both of your lips
I sensually gaze at you while I pull you from your hips
Then our bodies merge slowly as I feel your heartbeat
Merging each of our hearts making us both complete

The rain and the mist make this moment such a delight
All of our flames of pure passion cannot help but ignite
You take off all of our clothes as I then make you mine
And then I take off your bra softly kissing what is fine

After I kiss both your breasts you reply with a smile
The expression on your face has made it worthwhile
That look of lust in your face exudes all that is wild
Making me want you more as we each then get riled

You bite both your lips hard, but cant help anymore
The feeling of great pleasure that you so fondly adore
Engulfed with excitement you push me slightly down
In the most passionate kiss we then both start to drown

Quickly rolling you over makes me immediately top
Makes you want me even more wanting me not to stop
Following up all that with playful kisses on your chest
Teasing you after more with my tongue on your breasts

I start by licking them slowly kissing them completely
Makes you gasp in delight as you craved for this deeply
Your fingers run to my head, and then grasp it intently
Then while you caress my hair I kiss your tummy gently

With your hands on my head makes you want it so bad
Youre filled with desire, which makes me quickly glad
After taking your jeans off as the rain keeps on pouring
I keep kissing your all over with not one inch ignoring

I kiss both your bare legs but I leave on your wet thong
Then use both my lustful lips where they dearly belong
Lets you enjoy yourself as you feel the rain slowly fall
As from deep inside you feel the warmth of your walls

You immediately try to kiss me but I stop you this time
Then while you bite my fingers I go for what is sublime
Your hands guide me lower, your sexy whispers allure
All your deepest of cravings, which are erotically pure

Then I start to drag my tongue closer to what is exotic
Slowly taking off your thong making you wildly erotic
Going straight for those lips that are my great treasure
Shortly quickly thereafter both of those lips I pleasure

First I drag my tongue slowly, and then start going fast
All of your juices start flowing, as they were amassed
I slide my tongue deeply as you quickly start to moan
As you moan your lungs out being thankful we are alone

Then the pleasure you feel you soon cannot control
Grabbing hold of my head as Im making you whole
You keep pleading for more as Im hitting your spot
And the minutes keep passing as we keep getting hot

Thereafter you start to cum as your hips start to shake
Youre arching your back meaning it truly isnt fake
Your legs clamp to my head, you’re now almost done
Gasping your sweet nothings, your minds fully spun

The Sun slowly starts to set but the rain has not stopped
At the end of that pleasure, your jaw had been dropped
Taking off my pants teasefully you chuck them aside
You finish undressing me while now we are being eyed

Though we are both being watched, we keep on going
You get right on top, and new pleasures start to spawn
With your hands on my shoulders you now start to ride
And all the pleasure we feel reverberates deeply inside

The rain keeps pouring harder as you moan & you cry
While we both keep making love on this night in July
Pure orgasmic perfection is attained by us at this time
Both of our souls merge in Heaven as they intertwine

An Angel from The Heavens of proportions unheard of
You stand the true love of my life, and you define Love
Our souls merged forever in the most sweetest embrace
To reside in the Heavenly Palace of purest blissful grace

By: Z.M.


Euphoric Pinnacle

Euphoric Pinnacle

Our passions awaken within the palms of a cherub
Enraptured with twinkles that blanket the night sky
Now they share forever these chaste divine flames
As our hearts fuse intimately in the sweetest lullaby

Soaring then the Heavens on your soft gentle wings
We gaze at the world in this breathtaking journey
Amorous sensations absorb the core of our beings
Laying the foundation for the passion we shall see

Hypnotic stars glisten from both your precious eyes
Captivating my very essence, which already is yours
A euphoria of joy overtakes my heart at this time
Enlivening my heart while within you it then soars

The Sun’s golden rays beam upon your sultry gems
Exotically glowing with your very lustrous appeal
Fruitful with life they shine forth with your essence
Which bursts within mine sharing passions we feel

Your alluring smile shackles my heart with precision
Invigorating it spiritually with the passions we share
Our passions escalate quickly in a tornado of ecstasy
While our souls hold each other rising as they blare

Harmonious skies prepare for both our souls to arrive
In this tornado of ecstasy that we ride with pleasure
Perfumed with fragrances that exude from within you
As our love-filled winds ascend us upon our treasure

The sky breaks in two ruby-spirals, which mimic us
Blissfully surreal with each our existences enamored
Warming pulsations echo throughout all of Heaven
Seeping from our hearts into the Heaven we explored

Romantic melodies echo through the farthest regions
Thereafter resonating from our hearts to our dreams
Locked now in place is our commitment to each other
As the pinnacle of our Love has reached new extremes

By: Z.M.