Love’s Sweet Fantasy – [Part II]

Warning: Adult Content

Love’s Sweet Fantasy – [Part II]

It is a gorgeous night as we are walking the peer
The sound of waves crashing now catches our ear
As the crash of the waves keeps misting all the air
Warm winds keep on blowing caressing your hair

The moon meets the waves as they lead the night
Then we share this moment of astounding delight
The waves make a melody of passion and romance
I hear these sweet tunes, I then ask you to dance

Dancing and smiling we both submit to this rapture
Great passion and pleasure that both of us capture
This warm summer night just as we had discussed
Begins with our passion but will end with sweet lust

After dancing a while we both then lay on the sand
I lay right by your side while I hold your right hand
Kissing it very softly, I then grab your hand gently
You then whisper sweet nothings as I listen intently

All of your playful whispers then start to turn me on
We then start to make out and the kindness is gone
Caressing your soft neck using each of my fingertips
Leaves me gazing at you softly as I then bite your lips

The deepest of our passions now is wound endlessly
We undress each other setting all our passions free
Kissing more and more we get now fully undressed
Lost in our pure bliss I then caress both your breasts

A sly grin and great laugh can’t help but slip through
As huge waves keep crashing coming from the blue
I caress with my tongue each spot on your soft body
You then tease me slowly and start getting naughty

Then you go on to please me in the greatest of ways
Feeling the sweetest exaltation leaves me in a daze
You have sent me to heaven, and brought me down
Our passions are in rapture as they then soar around

While taking our time kissing I have put you at ease
I submit to all of your pleasure making sure I please
After confessing to you that you are my every desire
I submit to the core of your soul bolting you higher

A feeling so immense we both then go on to explode
The most lustful of times just finished being showed
There is still much passion and lust that shall come
Since this night of true passions has just barely begun

By: Z.M.


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Truth Connoisseur. Y2K Survivor. [Un]common sense advocate. Barnes & Noble Refugee. Reformed Carmel Macchiato addict & Part-Time Researcher.

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