Love’s Sweet Fantasy – [Part I]

Warning: Adult Content

Love’s Sweet Fantasy – [Part I]

Our time shared at dinner was such a delight
That I keep on obsessing on holding you tight
When dinner is over I then put out the candles
And take you upstairs taking off your sandals

As I gaze at your eyes I see a look so hypnotic
That just riles me all up in this moment exotic
We arrive at our room and slowly commence
This story of Love that will be wildly intense

Laying you slowly in bed we both start to kiss
This moment enraptured with passionate bliss
Caressing you lightly I hold all your fingertips
Yet we carry forth while we keep locking lips

You smile deeply from the gems you call eyes
Then I kiss your tummy and hold your thighs
Teasefully slowly then we loosen our cuddle
I kiss you, tease you and then hold you subtle

I bite your lips playful as you slowly undress
All your body now bare as your soul I caress
You tease me slowly and take of my clothes
I nibble on your neck and you curl your toes

Clutching each other now charged with desire
The cores of our souls take us rapidly higher
Now lying on my back you then straddle me
We kiss with much passion now lost endlessly

Erotic and slowly we then begin making love
Sounds are now heard from below and above
Many whispers, gasps, and even slight moans
Are each done by you in the most cutest tones

Lustfully spicy now true Love’s being made
Purely erotic of moments now being displayed
The wildest of lust, you have now made me sin
Yet forever I am yours from outside to within

From the day that we met I waited for this day
Our night is now done as it’s gone its own way
This night of great pleasure for us now to keep
Exhausted and tired then you drift off to sleep

I hold you now closely and whisper in your ear
It has been only one night but it feels like a year
You slowly wake up smiling and look up at me
And I then whisper in your ear “I love you baby”

By: Z.M.


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Truth Connoisseur. Y2K Survivor. [Un]common sense advocate. Barnes & Noble Refugee. Reformed Carmel Macchiato addict & Part-Time Researcher.

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