Nascence Of Darkness


Nascence Of Darkness

Ceremonial bell tolls reverberate in suspense
While a flock of ravens sweep the murky skies
The mental state of the land is  glaringly tense
As the caws of the crows create eerie lullabies

Unearthly howls reverberate through the Earth
Ceaselessly raping the ears of all those living
This dark eve will cast forth the a sadistic birth
Of the creatures that run all of Hell unforgiving

Zombies will seize the bodies of the deceased
Ghouls will torment all lost souls as examples
Werewolves will help more souls be released
As Vampires do nosh each being as sampled

A New Dark Era on Earth is now soon to begin
With the Creatures of Darkness harvesting Sin

By: Z.M.


Her Spiritual Fluoresce


Spiritual Fluoresce

That gorgeous smile that glistens from her eyes
Is ever glowing enchantment of Love’s mastery
Exquisitely woven causing passion to comprise
Grasping the essence of my being very tenderly

With striking precision I am engulfed in her bliss
Sent deliriously to bask in her tranquil noblesse
A more heavenly place could never really exist
Since Heaven itself lies in her spiritual fluoresce

Romantically alluring is the smile that she bares
Enveloping me in splashing tides of her essence
The instant I met her God answered my prayers
Leaving me then to sail within her luminescence

Spinning through spirals of her flourishing grace
Leaves me fervently thinking of her idyllic heart
The rapture she produces one could never replace
For it is so incredibly pure from you it won’t part

Gazing within blares a deep spectrum of rapture
Of the true Love that resides right inside her soul
That delight she brings if you do in fact capture
Will complete your being by making you whole


Malevolent Whispers


Malevolent Whispers

Twisted shadows creep forth…
morphing my soul into…


Cries seep through
my skin,
thereafter, darkness
engulfs me…
consumes me…
devours my inner being, my essence

a dark spiritual cocoon…


revamps that which

was to be righteous

into something…

deviously perfect.

Morphed into forlornness
I awake, galvanized

only tenebrous ambitions
are left
malevolent perfection is amongst

By: Z.M.

Love’s Sweet Fantasy – [Part I]

Warning: Adult Content

Love’s Sweet Fantasy – [Part I]

Our time shared at dinner was such a delight
That I keep on obsessing on holding you tight
When dinner is over I then put out the candles
And take you upstairs taking off your sandals

As I gaze at your eyes I see a look so hypnotic
That just riles me all up in this moment exotic
We arrive at our room and slowly commence
This story of Love that will be wildly intense

Laying you slowly in bed we both start to kiss
This moment enraptured with passionate bliss
Caressing you lightly I hold all your fingertips
Yet we carry forth while we keep locking lips

You smile deeply from the gems you call eyes
Then I kiss your tummy and hold your thighs
Teasefully slowly then we loosen our cuddle
I kiss you, tease you and then hold you subtle

I bite your lips playful as you slowly undress
All your body now bare as your soul I caress
You tease me slowly and take of my clothes
I nibble on your neck and you curl your toes

Clutching each other now charged with desire
The cores of our souls take us rapidly higher
Now lying on my back you then straddle me
We kiss with much passion now lost endlessly

Erotic and slowly we then begin making love
Sounds are now heard from below and above
Many whispers, gasps, and even slight moans
Are each done by you in the most cutest tones

Lustfully spicy now true Love’s being made
Purely erotic of moments now being displayed
The wildest of lust, you have now made me sin
Yet forever I am yours from outside to within

From the day that we met I waited for this day
Our night is now done as it’s gone its own way
This night of great pleasure for us now to keep
Exhausted and tired then you drift off to sleep

I hold you now closely and whisper in your ear
It has been only one night but it feels like a year
You slowly wake up smiling and look up at me
And I then whisper in your ear “I love you baby”

By: Z.M.

Hallowed Angel


Hallowed Angel

That soft symphony enchants my senses
Spiraling my emotions each out of control
Amatory temptations blossom ever more
With every second she caresses my soul

All of those words charmingly resounding
Written carefully from the outset of the nib
Impeccably sung by the heart of an Angel
Yet composed sweetly by a young cherub

Soft and yet graceful this Angel sings forth
Pure elegant tunes coming from her heart
A sacred seamstress of poetic perfection
Her voice, purity – a Heavenly work of art

Venerated forever, she sings melodiously
Using all of the notes I have come to love
Gazing at her singing I then realize slowly
This Angel is more than I could dream of

Celestially precious this Angel I have met
Angelic perfection upon me she bestows
May the spirit she bares always be eternal
As the seraphic heart that within her glows

By: Z.M.

An Ode To Imagination


An Ode To Imagination

Let us begin to imagine the power of an endless verse
Or perhaps a canvas of truly breathtaking perfection
The potent nascent breath of a boundless universe
Coupled with the touch of a reverent lover’s affection

Imagine a road that takes you to infinity; everywhere
Or perhaps a door that opens to another dimension
Thence take that path to a beautiful choice elsewhere
Leading to an instant of heavenly blissful ascension

Consider the image of a storm of possible dreams
Where one thought fuses with the core of another
In which that moment binds to endless extremes
Taking this euphoria of possibilities one step further

Think about the moment you hear your perfect song
A true mellifluous tune that soothes you to your core
Where you truly know nothing could ever go wrong
Just like the moment you have with the a you adore

Ponder about the image of a wondrous happy home
Where there is nothing but the greatest quality of life
Now from this inner sanctum we will never need roam
Because of my greatest, sweetest and most loving wife

By: Z.M.